Sprout BillingsSprout Invoices Add-on

An effortless way for recurring invoices to be paid automatically and outstanding invoices being settled with a single click. Your customers/clients can easily manage their payment profiles from a dashboards or an invoice.

Payment providers currently supported:

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Quick Look, a review of features

Sprout Billings sets to improve the client payment experience, while reducing frictions receiving future payments.

Accept Bank Transfers, ACH Payments.

All Sprout Billings payment processors now accept ACH payments. Stripe uses the wonderful service Plaid to accommodate authorization.

auto billing for the client

Improve the way your clients & customers pay invoices.

When a client pays their invoice they have the option to save a new credit card, save bank transfer info, or select from a previously saved profile.

Partial payments allow for clients to pay deposits, pay more than the deposit you've set, or reconcile accounts to a minimum.

auto billing for the client

Clients can add/remove payment sources.

A shortcode can be added to any WordPress page, likely your client dashboard, to allow for clients to manage their current payment sources. Including selecting a new default payment source.

auto billing admin

Recurring invoicing with automatic payments.

Admins can set payments to be automatically captures when a new invoice is generated from recurring invoicing.

auto billing admin

A simple way to collect payments.

If the client has setup a payment profile and agreed to your site's terms than a one-click payment option is available to admins.

auto billing admin

A simple way to pay for invoices.

Clients can pay their invoices with one-click from their client dashboards.

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Manage client payment profiles.

Remove existing profiles, change the default payment source, and change the customer id your payments processor uses.

Admins can set clients to be automatically charged once an invoice that is associated with them is created. This includes invoices created via the admin, an import or the API.

admin options

Client Auto Pay Date.

Clients have the ability to select the day of the month an automatic payment should be processed.

This allows for a recurring invoice to have a payment automatically deducted when your client has their funds available.

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