All add-ons are available with the Business and Corporate versions of Sprout Invoices so these are just the add-ons not listed as bundled with the Freelance license.

Departments – Report Filtering

Select a “department” for each estimate/invoice to enable filtering on your reports.

Estimate Acceptance Actions

Setup the invoice generated from estimate acceptance; redirect to newly created invoice.

Protected Invoices & Estimates Advanced

Protect your invoices and estimates by forcing clients to login or use a customizable password.

HTML Notifications

Adds beautifully designed HTML notification templates to Sprout Invoices.

Payment Express – Credit Card Payments

Accept Invoice credit card payments via Payment Express Merchant Hosted solution.

Authorize.Net – Credit Card Payments

Use the service as the credit card processor for invoice payments.

Stripe – Secure Credit Card Payments

Stripe is awesome and we hope you love it as much as we do. Secure credit card payments without the hassle.