Attachments & Embeds for Help Scout Desk


Help Scout Desk 1.7 was released today with two highly anticipated features.


Now users can attach screenshots, or any other type of file, when updating a conversation. Seems like a basic feature, maybe something that should have been in version 1.0, I agree. It was something that needed to be done just right though, that’s why all attachments are uploaded directly to Help Scout via their attachments API and not a basic route of uploading the files via WordPress (utilizing server space).

help scout desk attachments



Embeds allow for Help Scout threads to be embedded into a public WordPress page (or post). All that’s needed is the conversation id and a short code.

Embeds are a great way to show off your Frequently Asked Questions, or to show how your business handles support in a more transparent way. Sprout Apps will be using embeds to create mock support threads to show off our FAQs in a unique way that will show off our premier support services.

Here’s how it works; in this example the conversation 54472529 will be displayed.

embed shortcode

The template is also unique from the single_conversation.php template, so that you can customize it however you’d like.

embed help scout conversations