Development Goals, Feature Updates, & Add-ons


I know it’s been a while since you’ve heard from me, sorry ’bout that. I took a family vacation a couple weeks ago and immediately after arriving home I had to pack up for WordCamp SF. Both were awesome and now I’m back in full swing with Sprout Apps and developing the future for Sprout Invoices. From those two events I was able to reflect a bit on the future of the business and I received some awesome feedback from users and business friends. I won’t share everything I learned but there are a few things that I will 1.

One is our new development goals, which I thought you’d be interested in knowing.

Goal #1: Have two major releases, possibly a third, of Sprout Invoices before the end of the year. Projects, time tracking and more are already set for 1.2 and should be complete in the first couple weeks on November. I’d love to have 1.3 beta at the end of next month, this would add recurring invoicing via subscription payments 2 possible payment terms as well.

Goal #2: Release at least one new add-on a week 3. Don’t believe me? Well here are two just released this week:

PDF Invoices and Estimates

Adds a “Print to PDF” button on your invoices and estimates.


Client Meta Framework with VAT

Adds VAT & is an example framework for custom Client meta.



  1. Over the next few months.
  2. Paypal and Stripe supported.
  3. Or add a major new feature to Help Scout Desk, like public threads.