Help Scout Desk Changes in v3.0.1


It was recently brought to my attention (via customer support) that the preview section within the conversations table was now showing drafts and notes. After a couple days communicating with the engineering team at Help Scout we couldn’t find a resolution.  I was hoping they’d be able to update their API quickly but they don’t see the urgency, instead they’re going to add a solution to “the roadmap” 1 ?.

Instead of waiting I decided to do something. I’m releasing v3.0.1, removing the preview section. Sorry, I know, I wish there was something else I could do 2.

When Help Scout updates their API than I’ll work on releasing a update soon after.

Here’s an example of the issue, with the preview showing a thread’s note:

hsd with preview

Here’s what the table will look like after the update.

hsd without preview


Want to Show Previews Anyway?

Maybe you’re like me and don’t use notes, if that’s the case bringing back previews is simple with a template override:

  1. Download this template.
  2. Drop that template into your (child) theme, under the path wp-content/themes/[your-theme-]/hsd_templates/shortcodes/conversation_table.php.




  1. The issue is related to how the conversations API call includes notes and drafts without allowing for a public preview or a basic argument to filter them out
  2. That wouldn’t involve making an API callback on each thread, causing the page to take a ridiculously long time to load