Help Scout Desk Update 1.4


Version Help Scout Desk 1.4 is out and includes a new feature that allows your customers to get support without requiring them to login/have a WordPress user accounts. By default, it’s just their e-mail address they need to provide.Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 8.28.07 PMAfter submitting their email, the address will be stored within the database, and the user will be given a secured cookie with a token, keeping their email address safe. The token is then used to “log” them into the support desk where they can create new support threads or reply to existing ones.

The feature is not enabled by default because we’re aware of the security risk it can impose, since anyone could use a real customer’s email address and view their support history, which could easily include private/sensitive information. Please don’t think of this feature as something broken we just threw in, it’s not; think of it as a core method you can integrate with.

We included some hooks for you savvy developers to integrate with their existing systems to authentic these log-ins with something private to cross reference. At Sprout Apps I’m looking into integrating EDD so that the user could enter their email address and license key. Other methods could be an email and a token that’s sent to them in an email, almost like a password.

And of course, priority support is available for those that need help implementing this feature into their own systems. Just ask!

Finally, to enable this, just add a single line to your theme’s functions.php file.