Help Scout Desk v3.0: WooCommerce, Tagging, and Customer Sync


I didn’t expect to meet my goal of completing the latest version of Help Scout Desk before ?-day but I did it! Version 3.0 is a big with a lot of new features, a couple of which have been on my mind for a long time, features that I could have been using for the last year 1. So I’ll jump right into it…

The new update brought some changes to the Help Scout Desk product page, including this new overview video:


Since the first purchase of Help Scout I’ve been asked about adding “additional fields” to the submission form but the conversation always stalled when I asked “where would the information be added?”. Since new threads consist of only a subject and a message (and attachments too), just like an email, there wasn’t anywhere to put the data that people wanted to add. Then a few months back while talking to a customer about what they wanted the additional information for I realized that I could use the Help Scout Tags API and solve their workflow issues.

Using tags allows for the customer to categorize their support thread, giving you the ability to use that information for Help Scout workflows.

The admin can select the Help Scout tags available to the customer/client, allowing you to keep those private tags, you know the ones I’m talking about too.

The tags are added to a new drop down list.

topic selection for help scout

…and as you’d expect the conversation at Help Scout is automatically tagged.

help scout tagged messages


The integration is very similar to what is provided by the existing EDD integration. 

After a simple setup 2 the customers orders are shown in the sidebar of their conversations.

WooCommerce Orders in Sidebar

If you have a friend/client/colleague using WooCommerce — show them Help Scout Desk, we do have an affiliate program ?.

Customer Sync

Here’s one of those features that should have been added a long time ago, i.e. v1.0. When working with Help Scout sometimes the customer information, e.g. their full name, is available to you and sometimes it’s not, all depending on how the ticket was created. Now whenever a user registers on your site, or updated, the contact information is sent to Help Scout automatically in the background.

This means that your Easy Digital Downloads, WooCommerce, and other e-commerce customers information will be added and updated automatically.

For all those users created before v3.0 I have you covered. On the settings page is a button to sync all of your users, it may take a while, especially if you have a lot of WordPress users; just click that “sync” button, and keep the browser open while you go get some coffee, don’t worry the app will do all the work for you.

help scout sync wordpress users

That’s v3.0!

Hope you enjoy all these new features, I know that I will here at Sprout Apps.

If you have any questions or suggestions please don’t hesitate to let me know. Cheers!


  1. Sprout Apps has used Help Scout Desk since day one.
  2. A Help Scout custom app needs to be created but its copy/paste easy. An https:// connection is required by Help Scout.