Let’s Get Weird! 2018 Cyber Monday Sale in October ?


TL;DR: We’re running our holiday sale early, and we know that’s weird. We have a new license, prices have, and the sale is a 50% off for a while.

Yes, it’s odd that we have Cyber Monday sale in October. Yes, it’s probably as annoying as seeing Christmas decorations at Target in November. However, I have reasons…

If you’ve heard me talk about Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals in the past you know I don’t like them. I cringe at all the email that I get that week, knowing the barrage won’t stop until weeks after New Years. To be honest that time of year is a bit overwhelming for me. Partly because every new white hair I’ve earned pushes me closer the anti-consumerist old-man yelling at kids to “get off my lawn!” ?

To be clear: starting the sale of Sprout Invoices now isn’t much of a marketing strategy. It’s to help us all prepare for the season ahead:

  • We can better focus on the influx of new users and existing users preparing for their new fiscal year — not marketing.
  • You can start customizing Sprout Invoices to prepare for your next fiscal year.
  • No one is rushed into the sale. It’s going to last for at least a couple weeks into December.
  • Prevents me from reluctantly creating something half-baked at the last minute after I get asked a few times for a coupon code. ?
  • Our affiliates — including you — can get rewarded more.

I know, stop rambling…here’s the discount…

50% Off Sprout Invoices

If you haven’t recently seen our new pricing page go have a look, especially if you’ve been wanting an unlimited site license. If you’re wondering…the increased prices 1 resulted from: value comparisons with competition, value propositions, and our goal of taking Sprout Invoices to another level.

That next level is going to make 2019 a lot of fun for all of us.

If you think a friend can benefit from Sprout Invoices please send them info about our sale. It’s a great time to take advantage of an awesome deal and get a head start in switching over from their more expensive and limiting invoicing solution.



  1. If you already have a license don’t worry about the new pricing, there’s no change to your automatic license renewal amount