Step-aside Sprout Apps, a New Sprout Invoices is Coming!


We’ve been planning some major changes and today we can finally share them with you.

Leaving behind Sprout Apps.

You may have noticed that there have been a lot of changes around Sprout Apps lately. That’s because “Sprout Apps” will soon be gone, and in its place will be Sprout Invoices.

This has been a difficult decision for me, although admittedly long overdue. I dreamed of Sprout Apps accommodating every small business with a “suite of apps to help them work more efficiently”. As time passed it became clear that building a suite of awesome apps with superior support was unattainable. In order to build an awesome Sprout Invoices with superior support it demanded a lot of attention.

The decision is grossly overdue because Sprout Invoices has been a primary focus for more than a year now. We’re just now making it known.

Hopefully now people looking for the best WordPress plugin for invoicing won’t be confused by “apps” or mixed messaging of which product to works for their needs.

What’s the plan?

A lot needs to change over the next few weeks, some of which won’t be noticed and some you’ll notice right away. We’ll be trying our best not allow any of these changes cause disruptions for you. Things happen though, and we will do our best to clean up any mess.

The biggest change that we need to warn you about is the new website at Everything will be redirected/changed over to the new site, including your account. This transition should be smooth, so even those old renewal links end up redirected without issue.

Maybe you’ve already noticed the docs change already. If not, the new home for all Sprout Invoices documentation is at

All that said, you should be able to update to v19.1 without issue, and future automatic updates will happen without you even knowing the domains switched over. 

What about Sprout Clients?

I honestly don’t know yet. I still believe in the product and I know it provides great value to Sprout Invoices users. At the moment it will still be supported, although future updates will be for maintenance only. It no longer has any major updates planned.

What about Help Scout Desk?

We still love Help Scout Desk and use it on our site, so it will continue to be supported. In fact, there was just a new update released last week. The only real change is that Help Scout Desk has moved to its own site (

If you’ve purchased a Help Scout Desk license, then your downloads and licenses are now at You’ll be able to get the latest updates and support for Help Scout Desk and the free Help Scout plugin for WordPress.

Who’s the new face?

With the transition we met a new friend and decided to make him our new mascot. His name is Sprout and you’ll hear more about his story on his about page.

I hope he makes you smile too.