Sprout Invoices FAQs

Is Sprout Invoices for my WordPress site or do I need to create a separate install? E.g. an install just for Sprout Invoices.

We recommend you use Sprout Invoices on your current business website, the same website that you use to receive your estimate requests and generate leads. However, there’s nothing preventing you from creating a new website, maybe on a subdomain (clients.yoursite.com) or subfolder (yoursite.com/clients/), we just think it’s unnecessary and possibly harder to manage.

So I need SSL for my site?

Not if you won’t be accepting credit cards as payment. The exception is the Stripe add-on in the marketplace, it will accept credit card information and pass it securely to the Stripe servers.

Regardless, we do recommend SSL since there could be sensitive/private data submitted on your site, which would protect your clients without them knowing; it would also protect you since you’re logging into your WordPress install and submitting that username and password unencrypted.

 Will Sprout Invoices work on a WPMU install?

Yes. If you want to use it as a network activated plugin contact us; otherwise, each site will need their own license key. In some setups auto-updates will not work.