About Us

Sprout Invoices is a WordPress invoicing plugin originally created by Dan Cameron. It is now part of Web Ventures, an InMotion Hosting company. Web Ventures helps WordPress companies grow. Other plugins in our family include the WordPress contact form weForms Pro and W3 Total Cache.

Now… about our mascot…

Hi! My name is Sprout.

If we haven’t met already my name is Sprout. I’m originally from the arctics, and recently moved to Southern California with a new outlook on life and to pursue a career that I’m proud of.

The move away from family and friends was difficult. I did it to follow my passion — helping people get their invoices paid. Sounds like a “passion” that no one in this world would ever have. It seems silly, but it excites me and I’m really good at it. Seriously, I didn’t move over 2,500 miles just to get away from my younger brother, Tom!

A younger brother that continually reminds me that I won’t amount to anything because I’m “pint-sized”. A younger brother that reminds me I’ll never sprout up — even though my parents named me Sprout for that very reason! Sheesh. Okay, okay, maybe part of me just wanted to get away from the literal shadow of Tom. The perfect brother that can do no wrong. Deep breath….

Phew, I’m calm. Seriously though, I had worked with invoices for years at my parents’ company. I moved a lot of paper and after a while I figured out that there was a better way of doing this. My parents hesitated, and with Tom telling them it was a bad idea I could never implement my ideas. That’s when I made up my mind to move. I needed to share my plans with other small businesses. I believed I could help.

My idea was to allow small businesses that already had a website to get their customers to pay from their own site. No more pushing paper. No more 3rd party service fees. Giving the business owner full control. Making it easy for the client to pay.

The best part was after it’s all setup the business owner could just sit back and watch. They could relax because not only did I setup the site to accept payments for invoices, but I set things up so new customers could fill out a form and create their own invoice and pay immediately after. Pretty awesome right!?!

Now I’m consulting with thousands of businesses on a regular basis. All love my work and are happy because they’re getting paid  efficiently, easily, and with full control.

It’s pretty awesome this is my job. I’m excited about it every day, especially since it’s supporting a sweet home in such a cool place. No more snow den for me…