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Sprout Invoices WordPress Invoicing Plugin

Take control of your WordPress invoicing! Fully customizable with no limits, and features you can't get anywhere else. Period.

Reduce the time spent getting paid! Improve your business workflow with automated tasks. Fielding project requests, estimating projects & getting paid.

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Flexibility at its core

While Sprout Invoices automates many of the tasks to improve work-flow the power comes from customization.

Custom Estimate and Invoice Templates

Estimates & Invoices can be fully customized via a new theme template. If you're familiar with customizing a WordPress theme templates than you can create a custom estimate.

Notification Customization

Notifications can be plain-text or HTML. Editing the entire content of a notification is simple with shortcodes that add dynamic content.

Plenty of Payment Methods

Accept credit cards via Paypal Pro, Stripe, & more. Offsite payments provided by Paypal. P.O. and checks methods are also available for your clients.

Payment Scheduling

Create payment terms for your clients, with specific payment amounts, due dates, and past due fees. See examples here.

5,000+ App Integrations with Zapier

Integrate with over 5,000 other apps around the web, including Quickbooks Online and Woocommerce. Learn how to create Basecamp projects when an estimate is approved.

Hundreds of Hooks

Over two hundred filters and actions allow you to hook into Sprout Invoices and alter whatever you'd like or build some awesome features like those in the marketplace.

All the best Invoice Designs

Unique invoice designs to fit your personal brand.

invoice themes

Quick Look at Sprout Invoices for WordPress

The features that set it apart from the others.


Show your Clients More

The Client Dashboard is a way for your clients to view pending estimates, view invoice and payment history, and easily see what payments are pending and when they’re due.

Clients have multiple ways to access their dashboard: a username and password; or private url similar to those private urls that estimates and invoices have. Learn more via the documentation.

Superior Line Item Management

Managing line items is fast and easy with these features: drag and drop reordering, parent/child relationships, pre-defined quick add, & multiple line-item types.

Connected Estimates and Invoices

Sprout Invoices helps simplify the process of receiving estimate requests on your site by creating new estimates new estimate and client record automatically. Integrations are available with your favorite form builder plugin including Gravity Forms, Ninja Forms, & Formidable.


Getting Paid on your Terms

Sprout Invoices understands how deposit payments work and that's why accepting deposits is simple.

Accept payments from many different payment providers. Including: on-site credits cards via Paypal or Stripe, offsite payments with Paypal or Mercadopago, checks and purchase orders...many more are available in the marketplace.

Auto Billing & Payment Profiles Add-on

This add-on allows clients to store payment profiles for automatic billing & future payments.

Invoice Payments
Payment Terms

Payment Scheduling with Payment Terms

Payment terms create a payment schedule for your clients, so that you can set when all the payments for a particular project are due.

Sprout Billings Integration

With Sprout Billings an attempt to capture the payment based on the payments terms will be done automatically.

Invoices with Integrations for all of your favorite business services

The flexibility of customizations is powerful but there are pre-built superpowers already integrated. Everything from Gmail to Dropbox, Quickbooks and more - find it all in Sprout Invoices for WordPress.

Featured Add-on: Sprout Billings

An effortless way for recurring invoices to be paid automatically and outstanding invoices being settled with a single click. Your customers/clients can easily manage their payment profiles from a dashboards or an invoice. Pricing  More Info

See some features of Sprout Invoices In Action

Bill your clients easily, track time and use data to help guide you and your business. Take the guesswork out of your billing infrastructure today!

recurring payments reports charting
Recurring Invoices & Subscription Payments

Bill clients automatically via subscription payments or automatically invoice on a schedule.
Recurring Payments

Time Tracking & Project Management

Quickly track your project time and easily import billable time into invoices.
Time Tracking

At a glance & Advanced Reporting

A dashboard with charts and summaries answer the question "how am I doing?".
Dashboard Reporting

Extending Sprout Invoices via Add-ons

Payment processors, feature extensions and more in the Sprout Invoices Marketplace.

PayPal Payments – Secure Payments with PayPal

PDF Service for WordPress Invoices & Estimates

Adds a “Print to PDF” button on your invoices and estimates.

WooCommerce Invoicing Integration

WooCommerce Integration to allow for customers to Pay Later.

All Pro Licenses include Bundled Add-ons

A lot of add-ons are bundled with Sprout Invoices licenses.

Client Dashboard for Invoices and Estimates

The Client Dashboard is a way for your clients to view pending estimates, view invoice and payment history, and what’s due.

Partial Payments and Deposits

Allows for clients to set a payment amount between the minimum deposit and the invoice balance.

Advanced ID Generation

Advanced ID Generation allows dynamic control over invoice (and estimate) IDs.

Exclusive Add-ons with a Business+ License

Add-ons that will give you much more value when you opt for the business+ licenses.

Invoice Payment Terms: Simple Payment Scheduling

Easily schedule invoice payments and assess past due fees.

Stripe Payments – Secure Credit Card Payments for your Invoices

Stripe Payments for your WordPress invoices – Get paid faster. Secure credit card payments without the hassle.

Legally Binding Digital Signatures with WP E-Signature

Note: The WP E-Signature integration is available to Business license holders only. A WP E-Signature Business license is also required since the Stand Alone documents add-on is needed.

Support with a Goal of Happy

The results of our happiness report show people love our support.

Support happiness score for Sprout Invoices

Looking for a process for invoicing for WordPress? Don't fret.

Sprout Invoices has an idealistic approach to invoicing, one that's been vetted because it's proven to save time.

Sprout Invoices Development Progress

Past and present feature development status.

  • Advanced Form Integration with Gravity and Ninja Forms
    Complete 0.9
  • AJAX Importers: Freshbooks, Harvest & WP-Invoice Release Notes
    Complete 1.0
  • Improved localization and Internationalization, Custom Templating and more. Release Notes
    Complete 1.1
  • Time Tracking Release Notes
    Complete 2.0 & Add-ons
  • Recurring Invoices & Recurring Payments Release Notes
    Complete 3.0 & Add-ons
  • Client Dashboards & HTML Notifications Release Notes
    Complete 4.0 & Add-ons
  • Advanced Tasks and more Release Notes
    Complete 5.0 & Add-ons
  • Zapier Integration, Toggl Integration, and CSV Importing Release Notes
    Complete 6.0 & Add-ons
  • Improved Time and Dashboards, & WooCommrce Integration Release Notes
    Complete 7.0 & Add-ons
  • Product/Service Line Items, & Client/Contacts Management Product Release Notes
    Complete 8.0 & Product
  • Integrations, Improved Localization, and Improved Reporting Release Notes
    Complete 9.0
  • Client credits, summary notifications, payment limits, and more. Release Notes
    Complete 10.0 & Add-ons
  • Expense tracking, fees api, and more. Release Notes
    Complete 11.0 & Add-ons
  • BACs, notification testing, and more. Release Notes
    Complete 12.0 & Add-ons
  • New UI Elements, Digital Signature add-on, and Improved WooCommerce support. Release Notes
    Complete 13.0 & Add-ons
  • Payment terms. Release Notes
    Complete 14.0
  • New Invoice and Estimate designs, new payment integrations. Release Notes
    Complete 15.0
  • New Zapier Integration, New Recurring Invoices, and More Updates. Release Notes
    Complete 16.0
  • New PDF Service and More. Release Notes
    Complete 17.0
  • New Admin Interface, Integrated Support, New Notifications, and more. Release Notes
    Complete 18.0
  • Performance and Feature Updates Release Notes
    Complete 19.0
  • Lots of Payment Improvements Release Notes
    Complete 19.0
  • New Invoice and Estimate Interface
    Complete 20.0
  • Performance and Feature Updates
    Planning 20.1