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Simply could not operate without Sprout Invoices anymore. Does everything I need and more! — ★★★★★
Best WordPress invoice plugin! Also support from developer is fast! — ★★★★★
I've tried them all - this one has best graphics, easiest to use, works effortlessly. Thank you! — ★★★★★

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Rafael shares his experience with Sprout Invoices.

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I highly recommend trying this out! The pro version is without a doubt worth the money! I've tried everything from Thrive Solo, Harvest, Freshbooks but the pro plugin solves problems that those didn't, plus you look very credible with everything housed within your site. Amazing! Thanks so much Dan! — ★★★★★

I tried out the free version and it was really simple to set up and get working. I had a few customization questions and the author was very quick to respond to posts on the forum, and very helpful to boot.

I'm not using the online payment portion of the plug-in, I just create invoices and save them as PDFs to either print out or email to my clients. Works great for me. — ★★★★★

What a brilliant plugin! It's very easy to use and has a beautiful layout. You can customize your invoices, manage clients, and send invoices with ease. I recommend this plugin to anyone looking for an easy to use and professional invoicing plugin! — ★★★★★

Whether you're a regular user, or a seasoned developer, if you're sending out invoices, Sprout Invoices is the WordPress plugin for you.

If you like keeping all of your tools under the roof of WordPress, then Sprout Invoices will fit-in perfectly. It integrates seamlessly, so you can use it out of the box, of style it to your liking with custom CSS, or completely custom templates.

If you can't fix something with the provided settings or by tweaking the template, and you are a developer(or feel comfortable exploring code), there's a pretty high chance that you can use a filter or action hook to achieve what you need.

The Pro version is also packed with even more awesome features, and the support is outstanding. — ★★★★★