Sprout ClientsContacts and Lead Management

Properly leveraging your contact lists isn’t sending out a single email to the entire list asking for work — instead you need to build business relationships. Managing contacts and customers shouldn’t be a burden, and  Sprout Clients wants to make the that entire process easier and less time consuming.

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Create Leads, Sprout Clients

Manage your leads in a way that gains more clients and customers.

Scheduled Messaging

Write to your leads/clients now and have them delivered later. Meet someone new and want to follow-up in a couple weeks, now there's no forgetting.


Sometimes you meet your clients or create specific engagements. Sprout Clients wants to tie those engagements to your clients for reference and automation.

Relationship Building

The premise of "managing" your contacts is to build relationships. Sprout Clients wants to make the process of building those relationships easier and less time consuming.

Sprout App Integrations with Sprout Invoices

Regardless of this being a standalone app the integration compliments Sprout Invoices very well. Future integrations with Help Scout Desk, and more are planned.

Built the WordPress Way

Plenty of filters and actions allow you to hook into Sprout Clients and alter whatever you'd like or build some awesome features beyond what we have planed for the future.

Awesome Support

The results of our happiness report show people love our support, check it out on the Sprout Invoices page — we strive for happy!

Start to smartly manage leads

It's easy to forget to follow up with leads but not with Sprout Clients...or at least that's our goal.

No hassle 14-day money back guarantee

If you don’t like Sprout Clients over the next 14 days, your order will be refunded.

Quick Look at some key features


recurring payments charting reports
Modular & Familiar Admin

Easy to use admin page that any WordPress user is familiar with. Modular meta boxes allows you to set your preferred layout. Need more meta? ACF is fully supported.

Flush out Leads

All types and status are filterable, even in combination with each other. Support for Advanced Posts Manager allows for saved more advanced functionality.

Quick Status Updates

Updating statues of your leads needs to be easy, future automation is going to help tremendously, otherwise a couple clicks with AJAX saving is speedy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are refunds available?

Yes; refunds are offered no later than 14 days after purchase and processed immediately, without question.

This guarantee exists because we respect our members and have appreciated the opportunities they have given us to solve any problems before a refund was made. Have a look at our Terms, Conditions & Privacy Policy for more info.

How can I pay?

Our secure payment methods include Visa, Mastercard, Discover American Express and Paypal. We are limited to online payments only, we will not be able to accept a money order, accept checks or receive phone orders.

How does support work?

Our goal is to make you happy and pride ourselves on keeping our "happiness report" above 95% since we started. The use of Help Scout Desk makes opening new support tickets or reviewing past threads easy. Our response rate is 6-12 hours during support hours.

Why a recurring charge?

To make it easy for all of us by keeping your license active automatically. However, the subscription payment can be canceled anytime and your license will stay active until the end of the term paid. Keep in mind discounted renewal rates are not provided and a new license will need to be purchased. We wrote about the decision here.

Why should I keep my license active?

Keeping your license active allows for you to receive any updates to Sprout Clients, and new features are released in our major updates monthly. An active license key is also necessary for automatic updates, priority support and to receive free add-ons.

Is there a Lifetime Updates and Support Option?

We can empathize with those reluctant having any recurring payments, especially those that want a license longer than a year. While we don't believe in the "lifetime" license (we are in this for the long-run, not to make a quick buck now) we do have an extended license that's heavily discounted. The Extended Business Bundle is a three year license without a recurring payment.