Sprout Invoices + WooCommerce

Below are three ways to help you get paid using WooCommerce.

The integrations between Sprout Invoices and WooCommerce are not restricted to the integrations below, instead the possibilities are limitless. Sprout Invoices is built the WordPress way, allowing for customizations without modifying the core code.

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WooCommerce Checkout Invoicing

WooCommerce has over a 140 payment processors, and you can now use any of them to accept payments for your outstanding invoices.

Here’s how your clients would pay:

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WooCommerce Product Invoicing

Import WooCommerce products into your invoices in seconds. It’s pretty simple, select a product and the information is automatically loaded as a line item.
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It’s pretty simple, select a product and the information is automatically loaded as a line item. See it in action below:

sprout invoices woocommerce

Invoicing at WooCommerce Checkout

Allow your WooCommerce customers to Pay Later during checkout, e.g. Wholesale Buyers, etc.. An invoice will be generated for them during the checkout process.

How it works:

  1. Customer checks out via WooCommerce and selects Invoice Payments.
  2. An invoice link is added to confirmation page via the Instructions settings.
  3. When the invoice is paid, via Sprout Invoices, the Woo order status is automatically updated.

Shown below is the new payment gateway is added to your WooCommerce Checkout Settings
SI Woo commerce Invoice Settings

The Invoices Payment option is added to checkout, this can be easily changed to something like “Pay Later”.

woo commerce order

Messaging is added to the Order Confirmation as well as the email sent from WooCommerce.

woo order confirmation

An invoice is automatically created as well as the client if necessary.

woo commerce invoice

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