Braintree Payments for Venmo and PayPal

Collect payments on your WordPress invoices with Venmo and PayPal

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A simple, robust way to accept payments for your WordPress invoices. Enable the power of buying from almost anywhere — in your mobile app or online store. Designed with seamless, secure checkouts in mind, giving your buyers a friction-free experience and fewer clicks that can help reduce cart abandonment. Their developer-friendly SDK has a robust library of help documentation. As well as an in-depth reporting system that provides transaction data and other key insights. 

On top of the full breadth of PayPal and Venmo customers, our easy integrations give you access to multiple payment methods, simple pricing, top-notch protection, and world-class support. 

Braintree has simple pricing for a complex world. PayPal and PayPal Credit can process transactions at no additional fee. Venmo (US Only), Credit Cards, and digital wallets all have a 2.9% + $.30 for most transactions. ACH Direct Debit has a 0.75% per transaction fee topping out at $5. 


Game-changing fraud protection keeps your company safe. In addition to basic fraud protection tools like AVS (Address Verification Service), CVV (Card Verification Value), and risk thresholds, Braintree also offers Fraud Protection and Fraud Protection Advanced with no additional integrations required. 


World class Support team and documentation just a few clicks away. Braintree not only offers email-based support, but phone support and a robust library of documentation and “How To” guides. They even have a Developer Docs section for more custom integrations. 

With Braintree, you will be able to drive higher conversions through an optimized payment experience. You will be able to reach more buyers in more places leveraging the different payment processing options. Streamline your business operations and automate back-end processes. Lastly, Braintree can help mitigate risk through fraud detection and keep payment data secure.