Canadian Invoicing Requirements and Customizations

Adds GST and HST tax to line items. Could be adopted to modify different types of taxes.

Add-on Details

Sprout Invoices

Bundled with the Business License

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If you’re a Canadian Sprout Invoices user than this add-on is for you! No really, this add-on is just for you and your fellow friends that live in Canada to make using Sprout Invoices easy.

Not only does this add-on provide an easy way to apply HST and PST tax per line item, which you can see below: the address format is modified, a business number can be added to your invoices, VAT for your clients are supports, and the line item totals are modified.

Update: GST is also supported in the latest release and is a checkbox that allows for a simple way to add the necessary tax to a line item.

Invoice Template Updates

canadian invoicing requirements


Editing an Invoice

pst and hst invoice editing