Partial Payments and Deposits

Allows for clients to set a payment amount between the minimum deposit and the invoice balance.

Add-on Details

Sprout Invoices

Bundled with the Freelancer License

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The add-on allows for the client to choose how much they’d like to pay based on minimum payment amount you choose in the admin

Why would you want this?

  1. Provides a way for those clients to pay in full instead of limiting their payment to the deposit amount, without making you change your invoice.
  2. Provides a way for your clients to pay more than the deposit.
  3. Allows for clients to make partial payments until their invoice is paid off.

How’s it work?

Below you’ll see the option to set a deposit (that is due now), an option to change the due date after the deposit payment(s) are made, and an option to set the minimum payment allowed.

Ever want to allow your client a way to make multiple deposit payments, now you can with Sprout Invoices! And after they do make those deposit payment(s) the invoice’s due date can changed automatically for the balance remaining.

Here’s the new client experience for partial payments. You’ll see that it’s an entirely different UI that allows for easy choice of the payments.