Protected Invoices & Estimates Advanced

Protect your invoices and estimates by forcing clients to login or use a customizable password.

Add-on Details

Sprout Invoices

Bundled with the Business License


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Sprout Invoices has had private unguessable URLs in it’s paid version since day one but sometimes added security is necessary for some invoices and/or estimates, this add-on provides that.

Adds the option to force clients to login or enter a definable password before viewing their estimates and invoices, and is fully compatible with the Client Dashboard feature 1.

Per invoice and estimate options allows for a secret password to be entered or select the option to force a client to login with their username and password.


Default view for forcing a login 2 .

force login for estimates and invoices

Default password protection view.

force password for estimates and invoices

Additional Features:

  • A default is available to force logins on all estimates and invoices, option is found on the General Settings tab.
  • A new shortcode for Notifications is available to provide the password, if one is set.


  1. Using private URLs for the Client Dashboard will not automatically login a client to view any invoices and/or estimates.
  2. CSS can be removed and custom CSS can be added by removing the si_head::maybe_add_login_scripts