Service/Convenience Fees (per Payment Processor)

Allows for a service fee to be added based on the payment method chosen.

Add-on Details

Sprout Invoices

Bundled with the Business License

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Service/Convenience Fees allow for each payment processor 1 to have a service (or “convenience”) fee added to the subtotal of an invoice.

Here’s how it works:

Each active payment processor has the option to add a service fee. Each processor can have their own service fee and is added after the checkout is initiated. Shown below are these admin options.

service fee options


You clients will see that a Service Fee will be added based on the payment option they select. In the example below each payment option adds a 5% fee.

Some important things know:

  • Sprout Billings does not currently support this add-on.
  • The service fee will be not be set before a payment is added, instead the line item total will show “N/A” until the client selects a payment option.
  • If the payment fails (or the client returns to the invoice without completing the payment) that payment processor’s service fee will be added to the invoice. If the client selects a different payment option than the service fee will change dynamically.





  1. Except manual payments, including Checks and P.O.