Stripe – Secure Credit Card Payments for your WordPress Invoices

Stripe is awesome and we hope you love it as much as we do. Secure credit card payments without the hassle.

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As you know, many clients, even if immune to Paypal, can only pay via credit card. Use Stripe to process credit cards securely on your WordPress invoices without any credit card data being sent to your server.

The Stripe Add-on now supports Simple Stripe Checkout and ACH Payments for your WordPress invoicing needs!

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More Info…

Our Stripe Payments Add-on uses the Stripe.js to send sensitive credit card information securely over an SSL connection to the Stripe servers 1 helping your site be PCI compliant 2. Even though this sensitive credit card information isn’t intentionally being sent via a non-SSL connection, we highly recommend running SSL on your site 3, and in most cases free these days.

If you’re not familiar with Stripe please go check them out. They’re pretty awesome to work with as a developer, and as a customer they’re even better. The admin tools are easy to use and unlike Paypal you’ll never get lost within their admin interface.

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  • Secure credit card payments via tokenized Stripe.js payments
  • AJAX credit card validation
  • Stripe Clients integration
  • Option to disable stripe.js


  1. The credit card fields will not be passed to your server and after a payment token is received the credit card fields are cleared as an extra pre-caution. More information about the integration can be found in the knowledgebase.
  2. PCI compliance requires more than not storing credit card information.
  3. There’s always a possibility of a MITM attack if your site is not running SSL, there’s an SEO benefit and most hosting providers install them for you on the cheap.