PDF Service for WordPress Invoices & Estimates

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Adds a “Print to PDF” button on your invoices and estimates.

Add-on Details

Sprout Invoices

Bundled with the Freelancer License

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PDF Service for WordPress invoices will Give your clients the ability to print or email the PDF’s. Add a print to PDF button to your Sprout Invoices. This PDF service button on your invoices and estimates saves you and your client time. Preventing questions or concerns to the validity to produce amazing invoices. This add-on makes it easy to customize your already amazing invoices and estimates.


  • PDFs are attached to relevant notifications.
  • Simple installation.
  • Display your logo and other business details.
  • Minimal Setup, enable add-on and start printing.
  • Customizable via HTML templates. Template modification are not required.
  • Customizable via CSS!

Details about the our PDF Service

The PDF Service for WordPress invoices will add a PDF button to each invoice and estimate to allow customers to easily print. Furthermore in the WordPress admin in the view all invoices will have a PDF link that will be shown. This will allow all WordPress admins along with users to provide the clients with easily printed invoices or estimates.

Is it Free?

Yes, it will absolutely be free for license holders  1.


If you’re wondering about upgrading from the old PDF add-on here’s some documentation, it’s really easy.

How to Customize

Have a look at the new documentation on how to customize your PDF invoices and estimates.



  1. While we want it to be free for all license holder circumstances may dictate some limits. For example, if someone is generating thousands of WordPress invoices a month, we will be forced to impose a monthly limit and introduce paid private API for these users.  If you feel you’re going to generate over 500 PDF invoices a month, reach out to us via support.