WooCommerce Invoicing Integration

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WooCommerce Integration to allow for customers to Pay Later.

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Sprout Invoices

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This WooCommerce invoicing integration add-on makes connecting with Sprout Invoices quick and easy. It allows your WooCommerce customers to pay their WordPress invoices later rather than right away. This is especially useful for those with wholesale accounts.

It is worth noting that all our  WooCommerce add-ons are included in the Business License for free! Some of those add-ons include the WooCommerce invoicing integration add-on, WooCommerce Product Import add-on, and WooCommerce Checkout add-on.

How it works:

  1. The customer checks out via WooCommerce and selects Invoice Payments as the payment option.
  2. Then an invoice link is added to the confirmation page with a custom message. The message can be personalized by altering the text in the ‘Instructions’ section. Pictured below. 
  3. After the invoice is paid, via Sprout Invoices, the WooCommerce order status is automatically updated to show the new transaction status.


In the picture below you can see ‘Sprout Invoices’ added as a new payment gateway. Clicking on ‘Sprout Invoices’ in the WooCommerce checkout settings tab will allow you to customize the payment option Title, Description, and Instructions. 

  • Title: a customizable name, this is what the customer will select as the payment option
  • Description: a customizable message explaining what happens when this payment option is selected
  • Instructions: a customizable message that will appear after the order is processed. The {invoice_url} tag is used to provide the customer with a direct link to their itemized invoice.

WooCommerce Invoicing Integration settings


The Invoices Payment option is added to the checkout options. This also can be easily changed to something like “Pay Later” or “Invoiced Checkout”. See below.

WooCommerce Invoicing Integration order

The personalized messaging set in the ‘Instructions’ field is added to the Order Confirmation screen as well as the email sent from WooCommerce. This is shown below.

WooCommerce Invoicing Integration order confirmation


At the same time that the above is happening, Sprout will automatically create an itemized invoice for the transaction as well as the client account if one does not already exist.

WooCommerce Invoicing Integration invoice