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There's a reason Sprout Invoices is the best rated invoicing plugin for WordPress — it's the most fully featured Invoicing solution for WordPress with the highest regarded support available.

It's the only invoicing solution this little guy recommends.

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Reviews and Feedback from awesome people

Here are a few reviews of Sprout Invoices, if they don't convince you these reviews should.

Sprout Invoices...is packed with features, but it doesn’t overwhelm you like other invoicing services I have used. Since it caught my eye, I thought I’d put together a Sprout Invoices review, intertwined with a tutorial on how to set the system up.
WP Kube Review
Simply could not operate without Sprout Invoices anymore. Does everything I need and more! — ★★★★★
Best WordPress invoice plugin! Also support from developer is fast! — ★★★★★
I've tried them all - this one has best graphics, easiest to use, works effortlessly. Thank you! — ★★★★★

Growing Community Across the Globe

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WordPress Invoicing Integration Superpowers and Flexibility

The flexibility of customizations is powerful but there are pre-built superpowers already integrated and available to use with your WordPress Invoices out of the box.

An Invoice Designed for Your Business

Select from four unique invoice templates to start customizing for your business branding.

invoice themes

Feature Highlight: Client Dashboards

The dashboard provides your clients easy access to their outstanding invoices, actionable estimates, and invoice payment history. Learn more via the documentation.

Reviews   Get Sprout Invoices

Extending Sprout Invoices via Sprout Invoices Add-ons Marketplace

Payment processors, feature extensions and more.

PayPal Payments – Secure Payments with PayPal

PDF Service for WordPress Invoices & Estimates

Adds a “Print to PDF” button on your invoices and estimates.

WooCommerce Invoicing Integration

WooCommerce Integration to allow for customers to Pay Later.

Client Dashboard for Invoices and Estimates

The Client Dashboard is a way for your clients to view pending estimates, view invoice and payment history, and what’s due.

Invoice Payment Terms: Simple Payment Scheduling

Easily schedule invoice payments and assess past due fees.

Stripe Payments – Secure Credit Card Payments for your Invoices

Stripe Payments for your WordPress invoices – Get paid faster. Secure credit card payments without the hassle.

Support with a Goal of Happy

The results of our happiness report show people love our support.


More Reviews and Feedback from awesome people

We're proud of our ever growing ★★★★★ ratings.

Sprout [Invoices] is built on the bold premise that your WordPress site can be more than just the marketing face of your business. It can also power the daily tasks of estimating work, billing clients, and charting progress.
Sarah Gooding
I’ve known Dan for years and can attest to his eye for detail and commitment to providing an amazing experience for his users. I participated in the beta for Sprout Invoices and can say that it is a great product that will fill a very real need for freelancers (like me!) and small businesses.
Nick Ohrn