Sprout Invoices 7.0: Banner’s Release Party ?


It wasn’t too long ago that version 6.0 was released bringing along Zapier and Toggl integrations, CSV improving, and more with it. Now it’s time to unwrap 7.0 for everyone, with over 19 major changes and a name — Banner.

Banner will bring a lot of refinements, and a few new features.

New Stats Dashboard

The “Reports Dashboard” has moved under the default WordPress dashboard, adding all the standard Dashboard functionality we love, i.e. re-ordering and dynamic multi-column displays.


Three new dashboard widgets have been added, all to improve the Time Tracking workflow. The first (shown in order below) shows any un-billed time with a link to create a new invoice with that project’s time imported, the second is a new time tracker much like the existing time tracking pop-up, the last is a dashboard showing time entries from recently updated projects.

time tracking widgets

Time Tracking Improvements

Unbilled time can be easily imported into a new invoice with a single click. Have a look…

A new web accessible time tracker is available! Which can be used for a desktop fluid app or a mobile bookmark/app to make tracking project time much more accessible 1.

web accessible time tracker


History Management

Yet another feature that should have been included a long time ago; the ability to manage history items has been added (i.e. deletion of items), including the ability to edit private notes.

edit private notes

Note yet complete

There’s a lot more, a full list of what Banner has to offer is below.

  • WooCommerce Integration is now bundled.
  • Completely revamped Stats Dashboard.
  • Add dashboard widgets to standard WP Dashboard.
  • Improved admin search.
  • Web accessible Time Tracking widget.
  • History Management
  • Easily import unbilled time into an invoice with a single click.
  • Subscriber specific Time Tracking dashboard widgets.
  • Send invoice/estimate to a new email without creating a Client user with a simple input box.
  • Modify the sender’s email for estimates and invoices on the invoice/estimate admin.
  • Improved pay button on invoice template.
  • Modify the to email for all admin notifications without a filter.
  • Zapier integration updates, e.g. email data.
  • Improved responsive design for meta boxes and multi-column edit screens.
  • Prevent WP SEO from caring about Sprout Invoices.
  • Invoice ID dynamic text


  1. URL is https://site.com/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php?action=sa_time_tracker_view