Stripe Checkout & Sprout Invoices


We have some exciting news! We’re releasing We’ve released support for the latest version of Stripe Checkout this week.

Why should this excite you too?

The new Stripe Checkout is a payments flow designed to drive conversions. The payment processing is hosted at Stripe, allowing for improved security, including full SCA compliance.

We really like the way the new Stripe Checkout looks, it’s amazing. Have a look yourself.

The new Stripe Checkout is highly recommended for all Stripe users. The New Stripe Checkout offers a lot but here are some key highlights:

Optimized for Mobile

Stripe Checkout’s responsive web design provides an optimal payments flow across devices. It dynamically surfaces mobile wallets like Apple Pay when relevant for your customer—with Google Pay coming soon.

SCA Compliant

Checkout dynamically detects when SCA is needed and offers in-checkout verification using 3D Secure 2.

Built for Global Payments

Stripe Checkout makes it easy to sell internationally from day one. It supports 14 languages so your customers around the world will see the checkout form that’s right for them. And we’ll continue to add support for more local payment methods to make paying even easier.

Chargeback Protection!

Once you’ve integrated the new version of Checkout, you can enable Chargeback Protection with one click. Checkout is a smart payments page that supports Apple Pay out of the box and includes Dynamic 3D Secure, which also ensures your business is SCA-ready.

Seamless Updates

Stripe will automatically add new payment methods, and help you comply with PCI DSS and new regulatory requirements like SCA—without any changes to your integration.

Things to Consider

Our integration with Stripe Checkout does not yet support Sprout Billings and automated billing. We are actively developing a solution and we plan to have it released before the new year. Reach out to us via support for more information.