Summer is Coming! ?


Summer is awesome!

With all of it’s good, for many of us¬†it brings¬†a lot of¬†pressure to¬†those project deadlines that fall over the next few months.¬†Seriously, no one¬†should ever have to choose¬†between¬†enjoying the¬†beach (with the kids), or writing unit tests, or¬†modifying that “final” PSD yet again.

The solution we have to battle against this dilemma is publishing a summer roadmap 1. The intention is to help set expectations to our customers 2 while sharing our commitment to building better business apps for WordPress user.


Sprout Clients v1.0 –¬†June¬†Release

Sprout Clients has been in development for a few weeks now and is coming along nicely. Version 1.0 will have the basics to manage your contacts and help build a better client list from all of you contacts. Expect a solid integration with Sprout Invoices.

Sprout Invoices v8.0July August Release

Version 8.0 is considered to be a¬†maintenance release with one major feature. Just don’t¬†consider it being a “maintenance” release as negative, a lot of under the hood improvements will be done, including¬†updates to improve the existing API as well as¬†build a whole new JSON API for developers to use.

That “major feature” is to help differentiating¬†line items better, i.e.¬†products or services. “Finally!”, I know.

July will also be our anniversary month! I forget if you provide the gifts or¬†that’s on us. ?

Sprout Clients v2.0August September Release

I wish I could talk to you about what will make up version 2.0, I’m really excited. If¬†pulled off right Sprout Clients will be much more than a CRM, and it’s value will be obvious¬†for those running sites running Sprout Invoices, EDD, WooCommerce, and other e-commerce WordPress sites.

Sprout Invoices v9.0 – October? …

Summer is over at this point and I’ve already told you too much.

I hope you appreciate the¬†schedule above, I think you’re going to really enjoy what’s coming this summer from Sprout Apps. More importantly I hope you have some awesome summer plans too 3.


  1. While we’ve stated our goals for releasing 8-10 major Sprout Invoice versions this is our first ever roadmap.
  2. Development will slow because of some family travel but you can always count on our support being available.
  3. Personally,¬†I’m anticipating a good summer with our¬†family travels and the¬†schedule¬†above is going to be fun to work on.