Top WordPress Security Plugins of 2021


Top WordPress Security Plugins of 2021

Security is one of the biggest concerns for individuals and businesses getting started with an online presence or a new website. The internet is filled with stories of malware, DDoS, and brute force attacks. As well as hacking attempts for customer information, and other security breaches for websites. The average website is attacked 30-40 times per day and security breaches can cause a lot of extra work and legal headaches. Luckily, if you are building on WordPress, there are a lot of plugins built for protecting you, your website, and your customers. These top WordPress security plugins make security installation understandable and configurable for the average user.
These will help protect against issues like stolen customer information, malicious code, data loss, and more. Checking your website for security issues is an easy process. But fixing a website that has pre-existing security breaches often requires professional help. Sprout Invoices, the best WordPress invoice plugin, has put together a list of WordPress security plugins and options to consider for your website.
While you may not need all of these, we recommend looking into the ones that may apply to your business or website. Let’s get into the top WordPress security plugins for 2021!

Total Upkeep – WordPress Site Backup, Restoration, and Migration

Total Upkeep backup plugin

The first security plugin on our list is Total Upkeep by BoldGrid. Total Upkeep takes the traditional website “backup” and takes it to its next logical step. It helps prevent website crashes before they even happen. Total Upkeep supports both manual and automated backups. This means you can go in and make a backup whenever you’d like. Alternatively, you can schedule daily, weekly or monthly backups for your entire WordPress site. Total Upkeep has some cool features that other backup plugins don’t offer. This includes the ability to clone, duplicate and/or migrate your website with a few clicks. It also features an auto-rollback feature. This will create a backup before an update and restore the old version if there are any issues. The premium version of Total Upkeep also lets you store the remote backups to Amazon S3 or Google Drive.
If you are looking for a capable backup solution for your WordPress site, we recommend you check out Total Upkeep. If you need to store your backups remotely, their premium solution will take care of all your needs for only $2.50 per month.

Wordfence – Firewall and Malware Scanner

WordFence WordPress security plugin

The next plugin on our list is Wordfence, an endpoint firewall and malware scanner built for WordPress. This will help keep unwanted and malicious traffic out, blocking it at the endpoint. It does this at a server level. This means that it cannot be bypassed like some cloud alternatives. It also has a malware scanner that can block requests, malicious code, protect against brute force by limiting login attempts, and many other security measures.
While Wordfence premium comes out to be a bit pricey ($75-$99 per month depending on how many licenses you buy), it comes with many impressive features for websites that do business online and for whom security is of the utmost importance.
These features include real-time firewall rules, malware signature updates, and IP blacklists for known malicious IPs and security offenders. All of this can be managed from Wordfence central, WordFence’s centralized dashboard. There you can configure and update all your sites from one place.
If you foresee malicious traffic potentially being an issue for your business, and you cannot afford for your website or business-critical information to be at risk, Wordfence premium might be the perfect solution for your website.

FortressDB – Securing Data and Files for WordPress Forms

FortressDB secure WordPress database

Do you have a form on your website where you collect customer information? Even if that form doesn’t collect anything that you would consider personal or financial, there are legal rules in place for how to securely capture and store data. FortressDB is a plugin that makes sure your website stays safe, compliant, and fast, and they help make managing form compliance a breeze.
FortressDB will help you towards becoming GDPR compliant, depending on where you are storing your data. There are different rules for the US, UK, and EU. FortressDB will configure your forms to be compliant based on wherever you are located. Tack on a privacy policy from Termageddon, and your website will be up-to-date with all the most recent compliance initiatives
From a security perspective, FortressDB sends all its information over SSL with server-side encryption. This means nobody without permission can access or read the personal data you hold. Finally, FortressDB is optimized for speed and is able to handle large, complex data tables in the blink of an eye. Their free license will cover one site and one data table, but their plans are easily scalable if you have additional sites or find the need for more forms in the future. Premium plans start at $14.99 and top out at $149.99 for unlimited tables and data history.

Human Presence – Anti-Spam WordPress Plugin

Human Presence anti-spam for WordPress

Comment spam and contact form spam can be the most annoying thing about using WordPress. Spammers are usually one step ahead of some of the other anti-spam software. WordPress has worked with solutions such as Recaptcha, Akismet, and Honeypot to try to solve this problem. None of them work as well as Human Presence. Human Presence detects robot spammers with 99% reliability and works for all WordPress websites.
Human Presence’s anti-spam plugin eliminates bot spam from WordPress comments, reviews, and forms. It is supported across most of the popular form providers available on WordPress. This includes GravityForms, weForms, Ninja Forms, Contact Form 7, Formidable Forms, and more.
The free plugin comes with coverage for 1 form. If you use multiple forms on your website or have multiple sites you would like protection for, Human Presence also offers pricing for agencies. These range from $49-$199 depending on how much coverage you need.

Sucuri – Hack Fixes and Website Protection

Sucuri WordPress hack fixes and prevention

Sucuri is one of the WordPress security leaders, offering one of the most powerful security plugins in the community. And while they charge a pretty penny for their solutions, they offer some of the most comprehensive protection in the WordPress security space, including, but not limited to:
  • Active monitoring for indications from compromise
  • A cloud-based Web Application Firewall (WAF) to block attacks by filtering traffic
  • A CDN to improve page speed and server load
  • Incident response and hack removal
  • Load balancing
  • SSL configuration and support
If you need an all-in-one security solution, look no further than Sucuri.

WPScan – Vulnerability Identification

WPScan detect WordPress site issues

The final security plugin on our list is WPScan, a useful and effective free plugin that scans your site for vulnerabilities. They have cataloged over 22,000 core, plugin, and theme vulnerabilities. They offer the most comprehensive system for helping you identify potential issues with daily scans and vulnerability email alerts.
The WPScan plugin is free for up to 25 API requests a day. This amount would cover over 50% of active WordPress websites. If you need more, you can scale up to their Starter or Professional plans, which support up to 75 and 300 API requests, respectively, or contact them for enterprise options.