Add-on Spotlight: Downloadable Attachments for Invoices & Estimates


In case you missed it, the add-on Downloadable Attachments for Invoices (and Estimates) was recently released, it allows for the attachment of any type of file to your invoices/estimates for your client to view/download. Providing an automatic way to provide your clients with digital content immediately after paying.

Here are some real world examples of how this add-on is being used now:

  • Delivering design files to their client after payment.
  • Attaching a contract agreements.
  • Offering a digital download product after an invoice is fully paid, in combination with the invoice submissions add-on.

The possibilities are open, especially since you have the ability to either disable/enable attachment links if the invoice/estimate is paid/accepted.

Below is a walk-through of how Downloadable Attachments for Invoices works.

adding and removing attachments to invoices

Notice that multiple types of attachments can be added, along with the option to prevent the client from viewing/downloading the attachment(s) before the invoice is paid in full. 1

Attachments are automatically added to your invoice and estimate templates, as shown below.


Have a great use for this add-on? Please share it with us.


  1. Files are stored via the default WordPress media library. Downloadable Attachments for Invoices does not secure their location in any way beyond keeping the file url secret until the invoice is paid.