Canadian & EU Receive ♥️ with New Invoicing Requirement Add-ons


Ever since the release of Rocket (Sprout Invoices v8.0) we’ve been hard at work building add-ons for regions of world with unique invoicing requirements that basic customizations can’t resolve. The first add-on was for Australian users, which set us up for building a CA and EU add-ons shortly after.


The Advanced Tax add-on has been recently changed to this new add-on specifically for Canadian users, it provides not only HST and PST support but adds the ability to apply GST to each line item. The add-on not only handles CA taxes for invoicing your clients, it also: changes the address format, a business number can be added, VAT for clients is supported, and the line-item totals are adjusted accordingly.


Thankfully I had a few EU customers that guided me through the EU invoicing requirements. It took some time but I think our current iteration handles all major requirements across the EU. If you’re in the EU and there are certain requirements this add-on doesn’t solve than let us know.

Everywhere else!

I understand that these add-ons will never be complete, let alone fulfill all the current legal requirements. However, we’re committed to keeping all invoicing requirements add-ons up-to-date — if you have any local requirements not yet addressed in one of our add-ons let us know.