Latest Sprout Invoices Add-ons


Over the last couple weeks we’ve been catching up with those smaller add-ons that have a big impact on Sprout Invoices users. Hopefully you heard about the PDF attachments update, new Formidable integrations, and all the new free region specific add-ons; here are a few that you might have missed.

Estimate Acceptance Actions

Estimate Acceptance Options

The Estimate Acceptance Actions add-on allows you to have more control over how the invoice is setup after an estimate is accepted; automatic invoice creation can also be disabled per invoice as well.

A highly requested feature that is included in the options is to redirect the client after they accepted the estimate to the newly created invoice, setting them up to pay the invoice deposit right away.

Some of the option added:

  • Redirect to the newly created invoice after acceptance.
  • Set the invoice’s deposit.
  • Set recurring invoice settings (if add-on enabled)
  • Set subscription payment settings (if add-on enabled)

Partial Payments, & Invoice Deposits

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 1.27.37 PM

The add-on allows for the client to set a payment amount between the minimum deposit and the invoice’s balance. Also (with a single line filter) the client could have the ability to make partial payments.

Here are those answers to “why would you want to allow this?” I asked a few Sprout Invoice customers:

  1. Provides a way for those clients to pay in full instead of limiting their payment to the deposit amount, without making you change your invoice.
  2. Provides a way for your clients to pay more than the deposit.
  3. Allows for clients to make partial payments until their invoice is paid off.


MercadoPago Invoice Payments

Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 12.00.43 PM

The MercadoPago gateway add-on allows clients to use many payment methods supported by MercadoPago, including: Credit Card, Pago Fàcil, Rapipago, Provincia Pagos, RedLink and more.

MercadoPago is the payment gateway behind MercadoLibre, the largest ecommerce provider in Latin America.