Diverting Support to Cielo Dominican Republic


It’s that time of year again — the kids are out of school next week and I’ll be traveling with them to Cielo: a small village in Dominican Republic where we will be working for the community there. This is the same journey we took last year. It isn’t a vacation for us, instead we will be working within the community there, doing everything from building new homes, paving roads, and visiting a leprosarium to help the residents.

This was us last year repaving portions of the road out in front of a busy school.

This is mi familia painting a school yard.

A before/after of part of the school yard…

Why I am letting you know here, instead of writing on my personal blog:

  1. Support is going to be less-than-awesome over this time, although a lot better than last year 1. Hopefully there won’t be any time-sensitive technical support requests.
  2. Most importantly, I’m sharing this because you made this happen. Your support of Sprout Apps has allowed me to help in an area of the world that needs it. Take a lot of pride in this trip, regardless if you’re not the one flying out on a red-eye with a bunch of kids ?.

Thank you!


  1. Since we have a new team member!