Feature Spotlight: Import from Freshbooks, Harvest or WP-Invoice


The last big feature for version 1 of Sprout Invoices is the ability to import data from external invoicing services, including Harvest, Freshbooks, or WP-Invoice 1. If you have your data in one of these systems you can  import all of your clients, contacts, estimates, invoices, and payments into Sprout Invoices; test it out on your own personal demo site. This allows you to immediately start the invoicing workflow on your own WordPress site.

Below you’ll see both importers in action. Depending on how many records the import process could be seconds, if you’re like us and have years of data on one of these sheltered services the process could take longer. In the examples below you will see how fast hundreds of records are processed in minutes.

Here is the Freshbooks importer working on hundreds of clients we created for our tests.

freshbooks importer

Here is the Harvest importer working on over a thousand records. This is the personal data that we’ve collected over the last 4+ years.

harvest importer

Note: We didn’t provide a clip for WP-Invoices because it’s rather boring. In our tests the import process needed to be slowed down because it was running too fast and it didn’t look like anything was imported, which is a pretty awesome condition.

What you won’t see in those clips is how well the data fits within Sprout Invoices. We’re not just importing names and subjects, not even close. We’ve mapped just about every data point from these services to Sprout Invoices, in the case where data doesn’t fit we’ve imported it for you anyway for future use. This really does mean that every line item will be imported, all payments will be applied to the correct invoice and clients will not only be created but assigned to their appropriate estimates, invoices and payments.

We didn’t build a basic importer to jumpstart the process of using Sprout Invoices; we built an importer to move from another platform without any friction or regrets, an importer we’ve personally used at Sprout Venture to import years of very important data, resulting in us able to close an account at Harvest.


  1. In case you wanted to know, we only ended up building importers for Freshbooks and Harvest because of their popularity. We understand there’s a lot of other services that people are “stuck” on, if you’re one of them let us know. We would be happy to help you (and others) migrate to Sprout Invoices!