Finding Help with those New Year’s Resolution & Business Goals…


Did you set any New Year’s Resolutions? I like to act as if I don’t have any, but if I am honest, I do have a couple of things I would like to see done in this year. The problem is, I have also reached the usual time of year when I start to forget, or give up, on the project. However, now is the time when you can double down on your goals! This is where the rubber meets the road, and you can push forward to actually make some progress. Hopefully you have set some personal goals for your WordPress business! If you have, that’s great! Sprout Invoices would love to help you accomplish some of those goals, and here are some that we specialize in. If you are not sure about what some good goals to improve your business might be, feel free to look through this and see if any of these are areas that could be improved. Consider some of the frustrating points in the past for your customers, or yourself, and if any of the following could help alleviate some of those issues.

Getting Organized

Getting organized is a goal for many people. Cleaning out the house, decluttering, in a couple months Spring cleaning begins, and right now many businesses are going through the end of the year/beginning of the year tasks. If you haven’t been organized in the past year, these tasks can be more than a little annoying. However, Sprout Invoices can help you get your billing more organized. Sprout Invoices keeps an online record of the invoices that you send, that way you are able to track what invoices have been received and sent out, what invoices have been seen or missed, and what invoices are running late or have been paid. This is an excellent tool to keep track of your money flow, as well as able to track what actions you need to take. The dashboard for Sprout Invoices is easy to understand and follow, which can help get you organized.

Others feel a need to increase productivity. Part of what Sprout Invoices seeks to accomplish is to expedite the invoicing workflow. You can see more about what that workflow looks like here. The way it works however, is that Sprout Invoices helps to clarify and combine different tasks of invoicing. By entering client information to Sprout Invoices, you will only need to enter the information one time. The next time a client does business with you, you will have their information already ready to go. Traditional methods of invoicing require an individual to seek out contact information, send billing information, put together the actual pricing of an invoice (and if it is a repeated invoice, often adjusting small details), and other small challenges. Using Sprout Invoices allows a task that could take a half hour, and cut it down to just a few minutes. This saves time in the invoicing process, and can improve your productivity.

Improving Customer Service

Improving customer service should be at the top of a business’s priorities. You didn’t get into your business because you want to cause headaches for your customers, you want to provide a helpful service! Sprout Invoices benefits not only you, but also your customers. Navigating payment options can be a hassle not only for you (having to set it up), but also for customers. Without a proper payment set up, a customer may be slow at making a payment, or choose a competitor. Sprout Invoices offers payment through the invoices, from a wide variety of options. It works like this: You select the payment options available through your invoice. The invoice is sent, and the customer can interact with the invoice to make a payment online. They now have a simple way to make a payment, and you can be assured that they are able to follow payment directions easily! In your invoices, you can even set up partial payment plans, and other payment options. You can read more about payment options, partial payments, and recurring payments here.


Increasing brand recognition is important for your customers, and potential future customers, to know who provided what service. Sprout Invoices opens up the possibility for customers to recognize your service from customizable invoices. From the colors in the invoice, to including your personal brand symbol, to personal contact information, this is a chance to make your service memorable. Many people receive and interact with invoices on a frequent basis, and often they look fairly similar. When dealing with an online market, and with little advertising funds available, it is important to make every potential interaction count. Sprout Invoices also helps in this area by offering templates. Starting from scratch on an invoice can be intimidating, particularly for those of us who find aesthetics to be a challenge. Sprout Invoices offers a few templates, and opens up the options for customization from there. Putting a brand logo, changing a couple of colors of the template, and within just a few minutes you have made a memorable mark. It’s easy for a person to identify where to look for your service, if they are able to recall something distinct about the invoice. Sprout Invoices wants to help you reach this goal, and you can look at more details about customization here.

We get it! You want to improve your business over the next year, and you might not have a set resolution, or even an idea of exactly what to do or how to get there. We would love to help you get there. We have different levels of pricing to match your needs, and Sprout Invoices has tons of partners and integrations to help you enhance so many different aspects of your WordPress site! Invoicing doesn’t have to be a painful chore, but can be a method and stepping stone to launch your business into the next step! Don’t allow another season to go by, without getting some of the tools you need to reach your goals. Sprout Invoices wants to help you get paid for the work you love!