Payment Processor Integrations with Sprout Invoices


When developing Sprout Invoices for WordPress a great deal of consideration went into how payment processors would integrate into the platform. Personally, as a developer, I understand the struggle of integrating a third party payment API with another app/plugin, and it sometimes feels that we’re shoehorning a solution that will/might fail when any side is updated. With SI we’re confident developers can integrate any payment processor with ease 1; we definitely are.

That’s why before the holiday break four new payment processors were developed and released in two days. Coded, tested, and released. Those new payment processors:

Following our 3.0 post about goals, a goal has been set to release at least 10 more payment processors in the first two months of next year. Any suggestions?


  1. While it might not look like Sprout Apps accepts add-on submissions for the marketplace, we do. The TOS is still being worked out but don’t hesitate to end us your add-on and we can discuss how to get you paid for your sales.