Responsive Invoice (and Estimates) Designs for Sprout Invoices in v15!


How’s your summer? Hopefully it’s filled with some awesome time with family and friends ?‍?‍?‍?, maybe a few BBQs ??, maybe a few trips to the beach ?, maybe a vacation ?, maybe a trip to the water park ?. For me a lot of those “maybes” are in our near future since v15 of Sprout Invoices has (finally) been released!

Here’s a quick rundown of Sprout Invoices v15 (so we can get back to enjoying the summer).

New Default Design

Sprout Invoices has a new design; it’s designed by the very talented Jason Schuller 1, please .

The New Invoice Design

Maybe Jason can share some of his design thoughts with us in the near future.


New Invoice Design in Action

I hope you like the new payments area as much as I do, the hope as always to get you paid much faster.

Responsive Design Examples

I mentioned earlier that the new deign is mobile friendly, here’s some examples for some popular device sizes.


Customizing the Invoice and Estimate Designs

You’re able to change the branding of your invoices and estimates with the customizer.

New Theme Selection

If you’re already a user of Sprout Invoices don’t be concerned that the new design will take over, instead it needs to be selected on the General Settings page for Sprout Invoices.

That’s a Wrap!

I hope you’re impressed with what you see and select the new “Default” theme. If not, I’m sorry! Maybe you’ll find these other updates more exciting:

  • Updates to support the new Service Fee add-on.
  • Fees are added to reports.
  • Support for Square payments, new add-on will be released soon.
  • Added info for recurring invoice on the invoice admin.
  • New notification shortcode to show payments



  1. Working with Jason has been wonderful. I’ve been a bit of a fan of Jason’s for many years, and have followed his work since the early WordPress days.