Sprout Apps Pre-Release Party


The Sprout Invoices App has been “ready to go” for weeks and instead of keeping it held back by the little things we’re pre-releasing it today.

To answer the question, “why is this a pre-release?”, we’re simply not ready yet. The pieces not ready: three launch add-ons 1 are not ready, the knowledgebase is not educated about anything at the moment, some sections of this site are now taken over by a 404, and as expected there are a few rough edges that need to be addressed before 1.0.

Yes, it might not be the best idea to release before everything is done but we’re ready. If you want to hop-on and journey with us—there is a significant discount available. For a limited time save at least 25% off 2.




  1. Stripe Payments (complete), Gravity Forms and NinjaForm Integrations (complete) and Rate Calculator.
  2. Discount applied at checkout