Sprout Clients v2.0 Release, Now Free


As previously promised version 2.0 of Sprout Clients was going to be released soon, to my surprise though I was able to release it this week instead of next. Here’s to an awesome weekend ahead for us!

Here’s another surprise: there’s a free version Sprout Clients in the plugin repo. This wasn’t originally planned but a free version grew out of the planning for SC’s future. Hopefully the free version provides another open door to the Sprout Apps community, and all Sprout Invoices’ users appreciate the extra functionality that it has to offer.

If you’re a Sprout Invoices user and don’t have Sprout Clients yet, go download it, it integrates very well.

The pro version brings some major new features, namely: scheduled messaging and engagements.

Scheduled Messaging

Write to your leads/clients now and have them delivered later. Now when you meet someone new you can write a message to follow-up with them while it’s still on your mind, there’s no need to set a reminder to follow-up.

Use Case: Next time you meet someone in the hallway track, get their information, create a new lead within Sprout Clients (soon after), and write a message in your future self to follow-up…”Hey, it was great meeting you last week at the WordCamp US. How was it that…?”.

scheduled messages

Messages can be individually set to HTML or Plain Text.

message preview

Message templates are fully customizable.

message templates


Create engagements to keep better track of whom you met where. Sprout Clients wants to tie these engagements to your clients for reference.

Use Case: At the client meet-up or call create an engagement and take notes for future reference.



This is just a small step for Sprout Clients and I hope you’re excited to start using the Free or Pro version.