Sprout Invoices Client Dashboard & Beautiful HTML E-Mails


The Sprout Invoices 4.0 release brings some highly requested features that I believe all users will be excited to use, especially since it directly affects the client experience.

Along with numerous updates and minor features, like time tracking importing from Freshbooks, the major feature of the 4.0 release is the Client Dashboard.

The dashboard provides your clients easy access to their outstanding invoices, actionable estimates, and invoice payment history. See what it looks like below and learn more via the documentation.

client dashboard


Alongside the release of 4.0 is an HTML Notifications add-on in the marketplace. This add-on adds beautifully designed HTML notification templates to your Sprout Invoices setup. As you’d expect the new HTML notifications are imported into the Notifications editor, which allows for full customization. Below is the invoice notification using the HTML Notifications add-on. Learn more via the documentation.

html notifications

Sprout Invoices 5.0 is slated for a late February release and has some awesome features lined up, so make sure to subscribe to our e-mail newsletter (found in footer of site) or follow us on twitter.