Sprout Invoices Integrates with 5000+ Apps with Zapier


Automate your workflow and connect your applications with over 5000+ integrations. With the power of Zapier and our Invoicing, you can use workflows to integrate into your business needs. Zapier moves info between your invoices, so you can focus on your invoicing. Zapier invoicing is one of our most requested integrations and one of our most powerful. You can automate tasks from your QuickBooks integrations to have invoices generated. From creating custom processes for your team and have then generate an estimate from an order. The possibilities are endless try our Zapier integration with Sprout Invoices today. 

What’s Zapier?

You’re not alone in asking that question, I didn’t understand what/how until I started researching it more too.

Zapier connects the web apps you use to easily move your data and automate tedious tasks.

If that doesn’t make sense let me show you…

First, here’s an invitation link to use our Zap since it’s still in the review process.

How Sprout Invoices integrates with over 5000+ apps!

Create a Zap to create an invoice after a new WooCommerce order.

create based on woo commerce purchase

Create a Zap to sync your QuickBooks invoices with your Sprout Invoices.

create_invoice from Quick books

Create an estimate from a new conversation within our favorite support system Help Scout.

create_estimate with Help Scout

Triggers and Actions Details

Actions are performed from another app. The Sprout Invoices Zapier app includes these actions:

  • Create Estimate
  • Create Invoice
  • Create Payment
  • Create Client

Triggers are used to start an integration. The Sprout Invoices Zapier app includes these triggers:

  • Estimate Accepted
  • Invoice Received
  • New Estimate
  • New Invoice
  • New Payment
  • Updated Estimate
  • Updated Invoice

As you can tell there are a ton of integration points and the combinations are immense. If you would like to see a new trigger or action let us know, I’d be happy to improve the integration.

Try our WordPress Invoicing Plugin today!