Sprout Invoices v12 Released: BACs Support, Notification Testing, and More ?s!


It’s a bit early for holiday presents but here’s an early gift none-the-less…actually, I apologize this took so long. I tried to wrap it up on the long flights to/from Guatemala but it turned out I needed those flights to/from Philly 1 to put the finishing touches on the new notification testing. Obviously I’ve travelled a lot over the last few weeks, that’s not a complaint, I’m very lucky. Your license purchases supports me building awesome stuff and providing support at Sprout Apps — that’s awesome.

Before my son comes into my office again because I promised to play some games with him I’m going to roll through v12 pretty fast.


BACs support

One of the many things in this release that should have been in an earlier version. It’s here in v12; here’s it in action on an invoice.



Notification Testing

Here’s another “shoulda built earlier” features that I hear a lot about in support, the ability to send yourself a test invoice. You no longer need to create temporary/test clients to get notifications, a real hassle to be honest; instead, just select from the list of default notifications, select an associated record and it will be sent to you.



A Destroyer…

…Galactus would be proud of. It’s pretty simple, just click a button and everything is gone, well not everything, just those records created with Sprout Invoices.



Notice the theme?

Yeah, it’s “that shoulda been added a long time ago”. I admit it, sorry. Although, it wouldn’t be a great ? if it were full of features you didn’t need. ?

If you don’t hear from me before the new year have a great holiday with the family you love. ?‍?‍?‍?❤️??


That list dump of all the features in v12:

  • BACs Suport.
  • Notification testing!
  • Ability to delete all SI records, great for a bad first import.
  • Project expense overview.
  • New Zapier integration authorizations to prevent issues on some servers.
  • Allow the filtering of recurring invoices in the admin.
  • Allow the filtering of subscription payment invoices in the admin.
  • Client edit url shortcode [client_edit_url]
  • Client Address shortcodes [client_address]
  • Client website shortcodes [client_company_website]
  • New notification filters.


  1. I was in Philadelphia for WCUS, which an awesome conference. I was able to meet so many people that have influenced and more wonderful people that will help guide Sprout Apps in the future. Included a few awesome SA customers!