Diverting Support to a Guatemala Orphanage


Soon I’ll be traveling to a small village in Guatemala where I will be spending the next 10 days. Not for vacation, instead I’ll be working (with a few others) at an orphanage, doing everything from construction to entertaining the kids.

I’d share some pictures 1 with you but this is my first trip, it’s going to be all new for me.

Why am I letting you know here, instead of writing on my personal blog:

  1. Support is going to be less than awesome over this time. I’ll be doing my best to respond but there will be periods of time that you/customers may have to wait more than 36 hours for a reply. Hopefully there wont be any time sensitive support requests.
  2. Most importantly, I’m sharing this because you made this happen. Your support of Sprout Apps has allowed me to help in an area of the world that needs it. Take some pride in this trip, regardless if you’re not the one taking all the vaccine medicine and flying out on a red-eye ?.

Thank you!

img_6133 img_4602 img_4771


  1. I’ll try to share some pics during the trip.