Danvers (9.0) has New Shortcodes, New Report Filtering, and more New


It’s been a busy month plus; the release of Sprout Billings, and developing/planning the next releases for Sprout Clients and Help Scout Desk have taken much more time than I had anticipated. Admittedly it’s also hard to be productive with the MLB ⚾️ playoffs in the background. Though, Sprout Apps is still on point, expect us to meet our goal of releasing a major product update every month, especially since the schedule for November and December are set. For now Sprout Invoices has received a big update…

Danvers (v9.0) brings Invoice and Estimate shortcodes, improved reporting and filtering, a major change in localization, custom CSS loading, and a slew of minor changes and core refactors.

Invoice and Estimate Shortcodes

These new shortcodes (bundled in the pro version) allow you to embed any invoice or estimate into a post or page. While the use cases for this feature are limited it provides a foundation for future customizations for advanced users.

Below is an example of an embedded invoice in a standard page template of the Designer theme.

Invoice Embeded into Page


Improved Reporting

The reporting widgets can now be filtered based on dynamic time periods based on weeks or months. Below is an example of two dashboard widgets being updated live.

live reporting filtering

Aside from this new filtering, there were a few other tweaks to the dashboard, one major update is how the reports are being cached. No longer should you need to refresh the cache if you’re wanting to see the latest stats.

Other Major Changes

  • All strings are now wrapped with the standard WordPress functions instead of wrapped in class methods that did the same. This should help with the integrations with “unique” translation plugins that were not compatible before.
  • Loading of custom CSS (based on document type) with simple drop-in files to your (child) theme. Documentation updated.
  • Line items now have a reference-able unique id. This will improve line item comments and any future add-ons that build upon line items.
  • Temp status estimates and invoices will redirect for all non-admins.
  • Time Tracking dashboard widget updated.

Phew…obviously Danvers is a strong update.

Have fun and be safe this halloween. ?