Sprout Billings: Client Payment Profiles and Automatic Billing


The Auto Billing add-on highlighted a while back has received a huge update in v2.0 and with it comes a name change: Sprout Billings.

Version 2.0 of the Sprout Billings add-on brings huge internal code re-write, offering more flexibility for developers — including us. The most notable feature is the support for Stripe.

If you’re not familiar with Sprout Billings here’s a quick overview and possibly some reasons why you might want to use this solution for your clients (or customers).

Below a simple shortcode is added to the same page that offers the client dashboard. Shown is how easy it is for clients/customers to pay for an outstanding invoice with a single click 1, as well as change their default payment source, add a new credit card or bank source.

client dashboard payments

If your client created a payment source and agreed to your automatic billing terms the admin has a few option to collect payments for all future invoices. The first would be to collect the payment with the one-click payment button found within the invoice’s admin.


The second option is to automatically charge the client on the invoice’s due date. Charging on the invoice’s due date is compatible with recurring invoices, meaning payments are automatically captured when a newly created invoice’s due date is reached.

auto billing recurring options

Hopefully you are able to see this is not a rehash of subscription payments, instead this one of our most advanced add-ons. Allowing client payment profiles and automatic billing. Giving you a much better way to collect payments for your recurring services business.


  1. Admins have the option to process payments with a single click within the admin.