Diverting (Some) Support to Guatemala


Later this week I’ll be traveling with a group to Guatemala for ten days. Our plans will be a bit different than the last time we took the trip two years ago. While we will be visiting the same orphanage 1, we will also be working in a town that was devastated by the volcano eruption last June.

So, why am I telling you this here, instead of writing on my personal blog:

  1. Support might be less than awesome. Chris “the support Jedi” will be around braving it all alone, so expect reasonable response times not our usual speedy responses.
  2. Any advanced support (code snippets, advanced customizations, etc.) that Chris won’t be able to help with will be waiting for me when I get to an area with  internet, which surprisingly may take a couple of days for me to find.
  3. Most importantly, I’m sharing this because you made this happen. Your support of Sprout Invoices has allowed me to help in an area of the world that needs it. Please take some pride in this trip.

Above is a picture of the orphanage from the last trip. The beautiful landscape makes it easy to overlook: the orphanage is in the center (big warehouse looking building), the smaller building below is a common area where we worked on furniture, and finally the trail has a lot kids walking back from our hike.


  1. I’m hoping we get to throw another party for the kids. Last time we ended up organizing a belated quinceañera for a few girl. It brought them (and everyone else there) so much joy, something they simply don’t get enough of.