Sprout Invoices v11 & Expense Tracking


Family vacations are done, and the kids are going back to school. Hopefully the summer has brought you relaxation and quality time with family — it did for me.

One of the most memorable moments this summer was checking off a bucket-list item: I saw these awesomely old stones…


I wasn’t only walking around Stonehenge this summer, I also worked on some very old feature requests and tackled some obscure bugs in Sprout Invoices.

Expense Tracking

An old feature request (not as old as those stones above but close) is expense tracking. Yes, I know, “finally“!

Adding expenses is made easy.  Users have the ability to customize expense categories, and attach multiple receipts (or any file type). Here’s a quick overview on adding new expenses to the project pages.

Screen Recording 2016-08-16 at 03.13 PM

After expenses are created they can be imported as line items within your next invoice, shown below.

Import expenses

This add-on is currently provided only to Sprout Invoice Business License holders 1. If you need expense tracking  consider purchasing (or upgrading to) the Business license.

New Subscription Receipts/Invoices

Subscription payments will automatically create invoices (and payments) if the subscription payment is still active. No longer will you need to manually create an invoice and mark it complete for your clients who pay via subscription. Let me know via support if you have any questions.

New Fees API

A core feature that allows for estimate and invoices to have any fee(s) attributed. You’ll be able to see this feature being used with the new shipping option.

This might seem a bit boring but the new API will provide a lot of future flexibility. For example, an invoice can have unlimited tax rates now, inclusive and/or exclusive; I know our European users will love more tax rules, this API provides a way to do this.

What else? Here’s the Sprout Invoices v11 Feature Dump:

  • NEW: Expense tracking (for business license holders).
  • NEW: Create new invoices for subscriptions payments.
  • NEW: Fees API!
  • NEW: Shipping fee option.
  • NEW: Footer counts dynamically update on reports.
  • NEW: Invoices sent when new invoices are created from recurring settings.
  • NEW: Default rate for projects.
  • Fix: Predefined option disapears under some conditions.
  • Fix: “.00” removed from line item totals has a condition for site currency settings.
  • Fix: Payment calculations within some dashboard widgets
  • Fix: Invoice status updates for void/complete

Here’s to another wonderful season!


  1. If you have a business license and want this add-on please contact me via support, I will need to manually add it to your purchase.