Sprout Apps & Sprout Invoices Had a Birthday Today! ?


It’s been a year since Sprout Apps earned it’s first ?! Wow, what a journey.

That year (plus 1) brought 10 major releases of Sprout Invoices, Help Scout Desk, and the release of the v1.0 of Sprout Clients.

Here’s a look back at some of the most notable news:

July ’14: I started writing about Sprout Invoices with – What Sprout Invoices Sets To SolveSprout Invoices: Payments Options, Deposits, Checks and Authorizations, and Launch Status, Sprout Invoices Pricing, and Giving Back.

Aug. ’14: Sprout Invoices was unofficially released.

Sep. ’14: Sprout Invoices was officially launched at WordCamp LA. Help Scout Desk was released out of our own need to build an integration with Help Scout and WordPress to better serve customers.

Oct. ’14: Major updates started rolling into Sprout Invoices with version 1.1 and it’s Multi-currency support.

Nov. ’14: Time Tracking support was added and brought with it Projects.

Dec. ’14: We had a major discount for the month of December, something we will likely never do again ?. v3.0 was released with recurring payments!

Jan. ’15: Client Dashboards were added with the release of v4.0.

Feb. ’15: v5.0 was released with line item commenting and pre-defined items.

March ’15: Zapier, and Toggl integrations!

April ’15: A lot of new add-ons were released, including WooCommerce integration.

May ’15: Help Scout Desk received a major update and v7.0 of Sprout Invoices was released.

June ’15: I mentioned that I was going on a vacation, I think.

July ’15: Sprout Clients was released!

That leaves us with 12 days of August and Sprout Invoices 8.0 was just released with a major overhaul of line items, alongside some add-ons that will help those outside the U.S. with complicated invoicing requirements.

Exciting times are ahead and you can expect quite a few new add-ons for Sprout Invoices this month. Development for Sprout Clients v2.0 will be starting soon since the development requirements are now complete, expect a release late next month. 2

It feels like year two for Sprout Apps is already off to a great start and I’m totally humbled to be working on these products for you.


  1. Sprout Apps has been around just a little bit longer because development of Sprout Invoices started around June of 2014 and this site was created a month later so I could blog about it’s development and why Sprout Invoices has going to be awesome.
  2. Yes, the schedule I setup before the summer has been broken; at least I tried.