We♥️ our Australian Users! ??


This post is for our Australian users, sorry. For those EU users and Canadian users expect an add-on like this for you soon ?.

For those of us not in those areas of the world, especially in the U.S., you should consider yourself lucky when it comes to invoicing. EU, Australian, and Canadian invoicing requirements (I’m finally finding out) are rather cumbersome and I’m hoping Sprout Invoices and some future add-ons can help.

Australian Invoicing Requirements & Customizations Add-on is for SI Australian users. No really, this add-on is just for them and their fellow friends that live in Australia.

Not only does this add-on provide an easy way to apply GST to a line item, which you can see below: the address format is modified and the states and country selections are filtered to represent Australia and it’s provinces.

I forgot to mention it’s free!

Editing a line item and adding GST

editing gst

The Invoice is automatically updated, and shows “Total (inclusive of GST)”.

custom gst

Am I missing anything? Let me know via support.