Laundry Love


Laundry Love‘s initiative helps real people, of all types, struggling financially by assisting them with the basic act of doing their laundry. For those that struggle below the poverty line, washing clothes is very hard to do financially, especially on a regular basis. Laundry Love and all the caring people that run their local programs clean the clothes for those living in shelters, motels, cars, garages, and on the streets.

LL believes that through the neutral space of a laundromat, every guest and stranger can become a friend. This idea tears at the labeled constructs of “us” and “them” and erodes the societal, economic and cultural divides that separate people.” – FAQs at

Laundry Love is a community based program that anyone can participate in, regardless of where you live. It’s something that I personally participate in (truly, I’m heading to ours soon after I publish this post, to simply serve), it’s also something that every Sprout Apps customer participates in whether they know it or not. This is because not all of your license fee goes to supporting the future of Sprout Apps, a part goes into the coin slots at our local Laundry Love in Ventura (amongst others).

Learn more about Laundry Love on their site and let me know what you think.