Latest version of Sprout Invoices brings: Line Item Commenting, Pre-defined Items, and more


I want to personally thank all the paid Sprout Invoices users out there, it’s you who’ve made version 5.0 happen; I’m afraid to say it but without your support these features would never had the chance to get released. Regardless of providing financial support for the development of newly added features, those Business license holders tend to lead the direction of release features, since they’re privileged to have “Suggestions Priority”. 5.0 truly shows this, since the three major features in 5.0 are the top suggested among those license holders, albeit a lot of people have clamored for them too.

Line Item Comments

The ability to get feedback from your clients on your estimates is critical, line item commenting should help out drastically. AJAX is heavily used to make the commenting experience fast and live. That’s right, commenting is updated live as they’re submitted, so that a comment added by you will show up for your client without them requiring to do anything.

New notifications have also been added for the client and admin, to alert of new comments.

comment notification

Pre-defined Line Items

Pre-defined Line Items is easy to use and replaces the original “Tasks” feature found before version 5.0 of Sprout Invoices. Check our how easy they are to use.


More info, including screenshots on how to add and manage items, can be found on the documentation page.

Dynamic Text

Yet another feature for line items, dynamic text. Dynamic text allows for you to place variables within your line items that help the process of giving context to your invoices, especially for recurring invoices that are highly automated. View all the dynamic text options on the documentation page.

shortcode in use

And since the date dynamic text show based on the issue date of the invoice the correct month for the invoice is shown automatically.

result of shortcode


That’s a wrap

Sprout Invoices 6.0 should be fun, since I love working with great external APIs.